Bosch 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer


Save time and money with the Bosch Series 4 condenser dryer, packed with features to me the most vigorous of drying needs.

  • AutoDry: gently dries laundry to exactly the degree of dryness you want.
  • Fast drying: dries a full load considerably fast
  • Sensitive Drying system: soft, even drying thanks to the unique drum structure.

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Automatically sense when your load is dry

Load up your laundry and AutoDry will finish it to the exact level of dryness you want – whether that's dry enough to iron or extra-dry and ready to fold. Its sensors constantly measure the temperature and moisture to protect your laundry from high temperatures and over-drying. Get the perfect dry every time.

Fabric friendly drying

The SensitiveDrying System cares for your laundry perfectly by introducing mild, warm air from all sides. This is enhanced by the soft, curved paddles in the drum, which means your laundry never lies flat, so it doesn’t crease. The result: gently dried laundry that’s perfectly soft and fluffy, and free of wrinkles.

Down Drying

A down-filled jacket needs to be dried differently from a pair of denim jeans. With gentle warm air, a wide range of programmes and our fabric-protecting drum structure, our tumble dryers always provide the best care for every item of laundry.

Designed to meet your drying needs

Choose a different drying program suited to your clothing material.

Techninal Overview

Dimensions of the product

842 x 598 x 613 mm

Capacity in kg

8.0 kg

Standard cotton programme time at full load

137 minutes

Noise level (dm)

Very silent

Self cleaning condenser




Door Hinge


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